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"My work explores connections whether it’s visually through linework or literally. And as I work, I enjoy shifting between very small and very large pieces, as I find each informs the other."



A I M É E   F A R N E T   S I E G E L   | | |  biography

[lives & works - New Orleans, LA ::: b. 1963 – New Orleans, LA]


Driven by her love of materials and process, New Orleans artist AIMÉE FARNET SIEGEL works with color, line, and form through the building and manipulation of paper, paint, and canvas. Siegel received her BFA from Louisiana State University and later studied at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. Her non-objective two and three-dimensional works swing from monochromatic to multicolored with painted and collaged line work creating pattern and shape. 


Her work has been exhibited nationally in galleries, institutions, art fair, and alternative spaces nationwide. Most notably, in 2019 Siegel presented an independent site-specific installation in conversation with works in the international group show Hinge Picture at the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans – concurrent with her premier solo exhibition at the gallery.


Siegel’s work appears in numerous public and private collections across the country. In 2020 she completed a 48-piece commission for the Four Seasons Hotel, New Orleans and most recently three pieces were acquired for the corporate collection of Morgan Stanley. Her work also appears in the collections of: Walda and Sydney Besthoff, Andrea Andersson and John Cable, Emily and Robert Clay, Dathel and Tommy Coleman, Jennifer and Dennis Lauscha, and Hy’s Steakhouse, Toronto.


Artist Statement

My work explores connections whether it’s visually through linework or literally, as in my series titled, Aimée and The Post Office.


In 2018, I mailed small unfinished works to close friends, collectors, and Instagram followers. Each was mailed with no protective envelopes, inviting scratches, rips and ink marks from my unwitting partner, the US Post Office. Having gone through the postal system, I felt the works were now finished. These surprise gifts were my way of connecting.


I push scale differences within bodies of work. And as I work, I enjoy shifting between very small and very large pieces, as I find each informs the other. However, living this new Covid normal, where I’m cut off from family and friends and my studio is now on my front porch, I feel the need to work small. Rather than connecting, I’m realizing my need to be insular. My works have become cocoon-like. And each feels like a puzzle I’m trying to solve.


Curriculum Vitae


2008–17    Ongoing education, New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts 

1984          BFA from Louisiana State University



2023          Pendulum, Ferrara Showman Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2019          Principle of Uncertainty, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA

                  UnHinge, Johnathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2018          The Space Between, Barrister’s Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2016          Momentum and My Muse, Barrister’s Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2013          No Hiding, Barrister’s Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2012          Living on Stilts, Gallery 3001, Joey K’s Restaurant, New Orleans, LA



2018         Thirty New Orleans Artists, The Second Story Gallery, presenting at New Orleans Healing Center, New Orleans, LA

                 Into the Blue: Artist Invitational, Blue Spiral Gallery, Asheville, NC

2017         Fivefecta, Degas Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2016         La Femme, The New Orleans Art Center, New Orleans, LA 

2014         Imago Mundi: New Orleans Repatriation, Prospect.3 Adjunct, New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA 

                 Recent Works, The Georges Gallery, New Orleans, LA 

2013         Louisiana Contemporary, Juried group exhibition, The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, LA 

2009         Art in a Box, RHINO Contemporary Crafts, New Orleans, LA  

2006         Group Show, Exhibited: The Gift Box, sculptural assemblages, Georges Art Gallery, Metairie Park Country Day School, New Orleans, LA



2018             Harpo Foundation, Inc., Grant recipient

2018, 2017   Directed Independent Study, Aimone Studio, Thomaston, MA

2017, 2016   Masters Level Independent Study, Steven Aimone, Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, FL



Andrea Andersson and John Cable

Walda and Sydney Besthoff

Sheila Bosworth and Thomas B. Lemann

Dathel and Tommy Coleman

Robin and Bruce Crutcher

Pia and Malcolm Ehrhardt

Barbara and Biff Motley

Jim Mounger

Auseklis Ozols


By Commission

Although Aimee Farnet Siegel is not a portrait artist, she creates works that are imbued with the essence or spirit of a person, place, or memory she calls these commissioned works “spiritures."

Aimee begins each spiriture by coping photographs provided by her client—-individuals, family, friends, family homes, vacation memories, whatever it is that brings this person joy.  She creates a collage base with these images then continues with paint and collage, allowing the images to guide and inspire her. Some works retain pieces and parts of the original photographs while in others, the original images get embedded within the work. 

Whether the original images are seen or not seen in the finished art, each is imbued with the client’s spirit, giving it its unique character. 


To commission a work by Aimée Farnet Siegel, email