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Artemis Antippas was born in 1985 in New Orleans, Louisiana to an abstract painter mother and an art dealer father. She holds a BA from American University in Washington, DC. She has shown her work in galleries and museums throughout the country including the Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts (Grand Rapids, MI); Treat Gallery (New York City); Katzen Arts Center (Washington, DC); and The Dairy Center of the Arts (Boulder, CO). Antippas has exhibited throughout Louisiana at The Ogden Museum of Southern Art; Contemporary Arts Center; McNeese State University; Jonathan Ferrara Gallery; Barrister’s Gallery; LeMieux Gallery; and multiple Prospect satellite exhibitions.


Being born in New Orleans and growing up in an art-centric family have both been strong influences in Antippas’ artistic approach and daily practice.

Artist Statement

Artemis Antippas is a multi-disciplinary artist, born and raised in the French Quarter by an abstract painter mother and art dealer father. From a very early age, she became consumed with the wildness of New Orleans.


Antippas constantly pushes the boundaries of traditional mediums in her studio practice. Her work is an exploration of both materials and personal experience and spans photography, sculpture, video and installation.  Antippas’ material choices are informed by her various obsessions, including but limited to fried chicken, glitter, dollar stores, carpeting and cotton candy. She draws from her intense relationship with New Orleans as well as her daily observations of human behavior to create her diverse bodies of work.


For Antippas, the adventure and exploration throughout her working process are equally as important as the finished work itself.