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Web of Life

June 1 - July 30, 2016

First Saturday Artist Openings ||| 4 June and 2 July, 6-9PM

RICHELLE GRIBBLE Web of Life, 2016
RICHELLE GRIBBLE Systems Thinking, 2016
RICHELLE GRIBBLE Systems Thinking [detail I], 2016
RICHELLE GRIBBLE Systems Thinking [detail II], 2016
RICHELLE GRIBBLE Systems Thinking [detail III], 2016
RICHELLE GRIBBLE Organized Chaos I, 2016
RICHELLE GRIBBLE Organized Chaos II, 2016
RICHELLE GRIBBLE Organized Chaos III, 2016
RICHELLE GRIBBLE Organized Chaos IV, 2016
RICHELLE GRIBBLE Self-Organization, 2016


JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY is proud to announce Web of Life, the premiere solo exhibition of Los Angeles-based artist RICHELLE GRIBBLE. For her debut at the gallery, Gribble unveils her newest suite of mixed media drawings and sculptures in her continuing study of the networks and patterns that happen throughout the universe. As a finalist of the 19th Annual NO DEAD ARTISTS: International Juried Exhibition, Gribble is the fourth recipient of the show’s grand prize, a featured solo-exhibition at JFG. The exhibition will be on view in the aft gallery from 1 June to 30 July with First Saturday Gallery Openings on 4 June and 2 July from 6-9pm.  

The artist says of the exhibition . . .

We are undergoing a new paradigm shift in the 21st century – we should consider it time to pledge a Declaration of Interdependence.  Shifting from the Newtonian paradigm of “mechanistic thinking” which views humans and the environment as separate parts that function in isolated, machine-like ways, we are beginning to see things from a new perspective, one that is interrelated and connected.  Instead of learning about the world through reductive processes, we’ve realized that certain crucial details are left out when disregarding pluralistic views of systems and holistic thinking. Rather than reduce learning about our world through dissection, subtraction, and isolation, what happens when we add everything up? 

We turn to a new approach to problem solving via “systems thinking,” which considers the relationships of many and how they effect a complete entity, or larger system. In other words, all self-regulating entities contain systems nesting in systems. This realization is becoming increasingly more evident through globalization, modern technology, and growing mobility enabling us to transcend national and cultural boundaries. We are capable of viewing our world from a complex range of perspectives, as close as the subatomic level to as far as 13.8 billion years into our visible Universe. We can detect these interconnected systems from the computer in our pocket to the drought in our yard.

There is an invisible, geometric lace that drapes over our planet which links organisms, social systems, and ecosystems together. Each thread serves as a bridge to move resources and information enabling survival and sustainability of all parts of the whole. By recognizing patterns that occur across interdisciplinary systems, we can predict and preserve the outcome of imbalanced or disrupted systems. Providing a big picture perspective creates opportunities for compassion, empathy, and unity to spread, where positive social contagion guides movements and change. This network of systems is our ever-evolving Web of Life.

RICHELLE GRIBBLE creates mixed media paintings and collages, prints, interactive installations, videos, drawings, computer games and sculptures. Her artwork is inspired by concepts of virality, biology, networks, group dynamics, and social trends that connect us all. She earned a BFA in Studio Arts from the Roski School of Art and Design with dual minors in Social Entrepreneurship and Marketing at the University of Southern California, in 2013. Her work has been exhibited on an LED screen in Times Square, Christie's Salesroom in Rockefeller Center, Fisher Museum of Fine Arts, John Wayne Airport, and many other institutions nationally. Her work has been acquired by Art & Trojan Traditions Collection and Kala Collection, and also flew to space aboard Blue Origin's space system. Gribble also recently presented her work in a TEDxTrousdale talk, titled, "What is our Role within a Networked Society?" and with JFG at the Art Market San Francisco Art Fair 2016.

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