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Strike Anywhere

April 1 – May 30, 2015

SKYLAR FEIN ||| Strike Anywhere, [Main Gallery Installation View]
SKYLAR FEIN ||| Strike Anywhere, [Main Gallery Installation View]
SKYLAR FEIN ||| Strike Anywhere, [Main Gallery Installation View]
SKYLAR FEIN ||| Strike Anywhere, [Main Gallery Installation View]
SKYLAR FEIN 7up, 2015
SKYLAR FEIN 7up [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN 1000 Stamps (Price Charles, Lady Diana), 2015
SKYLAR FEIN 1000 Stamps (Price Charles, Lady Diana) [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Aspirin, 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Aspirin [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Auto Mechanics Needed, 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Auto Mechanics Needed [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Big Boy, 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Big Boy [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Brennan's (Bananas Foster), 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Brennan's (Bananas Foster) [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Budweiser, 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Budweiser [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Chevrolet '61, 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Chevrolet '61 [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Coca-Cola (Snow), 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Coca-Cola (Snow) [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Crisco Disco, 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Crisco Disco [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Enjoy, 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Enjoy [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Happiness Is, 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Happiness Is [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN IBM [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Kendall Motor Oil, 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Kendall Motor Oil [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN King Edward Cigars, 2015
SKYLAR FEIN King Edward Cigars [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Looking for Something? (Use the Yellow Pages), 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Looking for Something? (Use the Yellow Pages) [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Make Light of Your Troubles, 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Make Light of Your Troubles [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Marlin, 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Marlin [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Now Try Chesterfield, 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Now Try Chesterfield [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Pepsi (Think Young), 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Pepsi (Think Young) [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Pepsi-Cola, 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Pepsi-Cola [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Prepare Yourself for a Bright Future, 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Prepare Yourself for a Bright Future [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Rock Island, 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Rock Island [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Thank You (Vaughn's Bar), 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Thank You (Vaughn's Bar) [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Where The Hell Did I Get These, 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Where The Hell Did I Get These [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Why Not Sizzler, 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Why Not Sizzler [interior view], 2015
SKYLAR FEIN Big Hits Rolling Papers, 2014
SKYLAR FEIN Do You Know a Space Cadet?, 2014
SKYLAR FEIN Bunghole Liquors, 2014
SKYLAR FEIN What You Want is Alive and Real, 2014
SKYLAR FEIN Draw Spunky, 2014
SKYLAR FEIN 1000 Stamps (Eleanor Roosevelt), 2014
SKYLAR FEIN Yosemite, 2014

press release ::: SKYLAR FEIN --- 'Strike Anywhere'

JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY is proud to announce, Strike Anywhere, an exhibition of the latest work by artist SKYLAR FEIN in his ongoing ‘Giant Metal Matchbook’ series. The exhibition will also feature a special presentation of the artist’s collaboration with New Orleans street artist MRSA entitled Children of the Night. The exhibition will be on view Wednesday 1 April through 30 May 2015. The gallery will host first Saturday artist receptions on 4 April and 2 May from 6-9pm.

Fein is best known for his large-scale installations, including Remember the Upstairs Lounge, an exhibit during Prospect.1 that threw a spotlight on a little-known chapter of history. The 1973 arson fire at a gay bar in the French Quarter is still the deadliest attack against gay people on record. But here, in Strike Anywhere, the Bronx-born artist turns to something on a more intimate level.

Fein says of the ‘Giant Metal Matchbooks’ series…
Why matchbooks? It reflects the artist’s love of pop culture, its vibrancy and also its accidental depth and poignancy. “A common object is a perfect meeting place.” That’s a Claes Oldenburg quote, and it’s still true—the most banal objects, aren’t.

Obviously Claes Oldenburg’s giant sculptures are forerunners, along with a dash of Warhol’s Brillo boxes and a side of "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids." The aluminum matchbooks open up, revealing—yes, giant wooden matches, with realistic (rubber) match heads.

Do they light? Not exactly. But they burn.

SKYLAR FEIN was born in Greenwich Village and raised in the Bronx. He has had many careers including teaching nonviolent resistance under the umbrella of the Quakers, working for a gay film festival in Seattle, stringing for The New York Times and as pre-med student at University of New Orleans where he moved one week before Hurricane Katrina hit.

In the wreckage of New Orleans, Fein found his new calling as an artist, experimenting with color and composition of the detritus of Katrina. His work soon became known for its pop sensibility as well as its hard-nosed politics. After a few starring roles in group shows, he had his first solo show in May 2008 at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans.

In the fall of 2008, his Prospect.1: Biennial installation, "Remember the Upstairs Lounge," shined a spotlight on an overlooked piece of New Orleans history: a fire that swept through a French Quarter bar in 1973, killing everyone inside. The worst fire in New Orleans history has never been solved. His installation walked visitors right through the swinging bar doors, and offered visual riffs on politics and sexuality circa 1973. 

The piece was praised in ArtForum, Art In America, The New York Times Magazine and The New Yorker, among others. In late 2009, Fein had his first solo museum show, "Youth Manifesto," at the New Orleans Museum of Art. The exhibition was an ode to punk rock as a force for social and cultural upheaval. True to form, the opening reception was shut down by police responding to the look of the unlikely art-going crowd.

In March 2010, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery presented Fein's solo installation, “Skylar Fein: Rise of the Youth Front" at VOLTA Art Fair in New York during Armory Week. This installation drew thousands of people and delved into revolutionary politics past and present, a continuing theme in Fein's work.  In May 2010, Fein was invited by the New York curatorial project No Longer Empty to recreate his "Remember the Upstairs Lounge" installation in a vacant Chelsea space.  The exhibition, once again, drew thousands of visitors and sparked renewed interest in this piece of history. In September 2011, Fein exhibited over eighty new works in his solo exhibition Junk Shot at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans. This exhibition embodied this artist’s turn towards formalism and art historical reference while maintaining Fein’s iconic sensibilities and aesthetic. Fein's solo exhibition "Beckett at War" in September 2012 at C24 Gallery in Chelsea was praised by The Village Voice as one of the top ten exhibitions of the year in New York. He then followed up with his November 2013 installation of "The Lincoln Bedroom" which received wide media attention. Fein unveiled his “Giant Metal Matchbook” series in his 2014 solo exhibition at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery. Since then, the series has been exhibited nationally at art fairs such as, Miami Project for Art Basel Miami Beach, Texas Contemporary, and artMRKT San Francisco, and has continued to gain momentum in rave reviews and collector acquisitions.

Skylar Fein was the recipient of a 2009 Joan Mitchell Foundation Award and his work is in several prominent collections including The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Brooklyn Museum, The Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation, The Louisiana State Museum, The Birmingham Museum of Art, the New Orleans Museum of Art, curators Dan Cameron and Bill Arning, and collectors Beth Rudin DeWoody, Lance Armstrong, Lawrence Benenson, Brooke Garber-Neidich, Stephanie Ingrassia and Thomas Coleman.

For more information, press or sales inquiries please contact gallery director, Matthew Weldon Showman, at