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12 Stylish People at Essence Festival

Festivals have come back with a vengeance after two years of virtual-only connections. Essence Festival had a grand return last weekend with performances from icons like Janet Jackson and Lil’ Kim.

We were there to catch some of the style on the streets. What’s so special about Essence Festival is that people travel from all over the country to attend, so there’s a sprinkle of style from the South to L.A. Here were some of the looks we caught and what they said about the streets of NOLA inspiring their style.

Shennel Patrick, makeup artist

This is my very first time here. I’m an island girl from Grenada and I felt like the car dropped me off in Havana. From the energy to the colors, the homes are picturesque like Cuba. It’s vibrant and colorful, just like our people.
Instagram: @heynelli

Shakira Boyce, makeup artist

The city inspired me to break all conventional style rules.
Instagram: @shakallday

Amber Jaunai, model

I knew coming to New Orleans I needed to bring bright colors because it’s so lovely and colorful here. You caught me coming from an all-white event, but I still had to add a pop of color into my outfit.
Instagram: @amberjaunai

Imani Rose, singer

New Orleans is the absolute mecca of raw and authentic historical divergence.
Instagram: @itsimanirose

Laci Hamilton, creator

I love the freedom of color and the influence of jazz and southern hospitality.
Instagram: @laci_nicole

Angela Richardson, publicist

When I think of New Orleans, I think of the vibrancy and resiliency of our people. Bold, bright, and beautiful, just how my style is.
Instagram: @simplyange__

Chancelor Waters and Isaiah Thomas, students

“Wear what you want, don’t let it wear you.” — Chancelor
Instagram:@chaancelor / @officialzayt

CeCe Vu, fashion personality

I’m a vampire fanatic, so being able to be in NOLA for Essence is an incredible experience for me. Today I’m sporting the vampirecore, dark-academia aesthetics.
Instagram: @tamtamvu

Jerrie Johnson, actress

It’s poppin’ but also low-key, and that’s my fashion style.
Instagram: @thejerriejohnson

Daneia Rodriguez, owner of Nomi the brand

You know when you come to Essence Fest you have to bring the best of the best out your closet, and that’s what I did.
Instagram: @neia.nikatina

Tira Audrey, editor

New Orleans is rich in history, culture, and personality, so I wanted to wear something chic but comfortable since the heat did not spare us.
Instagram: @tiraaudrey

Cara Sabin, CEO of Shea Moisture

NOLA inspires me to be the most vibrant and fun version of myself.
Instagram: @cara_sabin