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17 Black Artists You Can Purchase Art From Right Now

According to Zippia, Black artists make up 3.9% of artists employed in arts in the United States. The industry is predominately white and female with the highest employment demand in Irvine, California, which has almost no Black population. The statistics make it clear that choosing to support the work of Black visual artists must be approached intentionally.

Of course, we aren’t going to leave you hanging on trying to find artists to support. Here are 17 Black artists you can purchase art from right now."


John Isiah Walton‘s work depicts unconventional stories.

“Walton works in a reactionary mode,” his artist statement reads. “His visual language is influenced by internet aesthetics, Black identity, pop culture, and Louisiana history to deliver poignant social commentary reflecting the contemporary world. In the tradition of Basquiat, his work often has hidden meanings and symbols, which are revealed through his neo-expressionist markings. The frenetic, choppy brushwork endows the work with the energy and intensity that the artist is known for.”