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Art What!: WOAW Gallery Presents ‘As Friends And Partners Vol. 2’

WOAW Gallery presents As Friends and Partners Vol. 2 , a group exhibition of 12 international artists, exploring human experience and delving into its nuances across three distinct categories: still life, figurations, and landscape. Building upon the success of our inaugural exhibition, As Friends and Partners (2023) , this exhibition also commemorates the first anniversary of the gallery’s expansion to Singapore. The exhibition will be on view from 19 January to 24 February 2024 at the gallery’s Singapore location.


The artists’ visionary works serve as a profound collective embodiment of shared emotions, affections, and tenderness – transcending the hyper-individualistic paradigm that defines our contemporary milieu. Through the three distinct categories of still life, figurations, and landscapes, the exhibition seamlessly transforms into a celebration of life’s most cherished and humble pleasures. Each category offers a unique lens through which offer explorations of the intricacies of human experience and connection while artfully acknowledges the transient nature of our existence, inviting the viewers to reflect upon the beauty and fragility of life itself.


Within the realm of still life, the elevation of the mundane provides a lens for the viewer to investigate the depth and richness of their own surroundings. Despite the distinct differences between the artists’ styles, the ordinary itself could share an extraordinary insight. BD Graft , Erin K Wright , and Yam Shalev meticulously craft vibrant observations, celebrating joy of one’s surroundings. Alli Conrad demonstrates the depth and diversity of portrayal of women, Giles Pates channels his passion for basketball, and Yi-Shuan Lee sheds light on the lives of today’s youths.


In the expansive landscapes, James Goss , Kristin Moore , and Miho Ichise extend an invitation to contemplation, prompting viewers to delve into the nuanced dimensions of the depicted landscapes, as if the mirrors re fl ecting our inner lives. Within their works is a collective resonance to invoke introspection through a quiet dialogue between the observer and the observed – it is a means of appreciating the beauty and reflecting the reality of the world we live in and witness. It is to embrace and quietly celebrate all that surrounds us.


Painted in simultaneously delicate, bold, and soft, the figurative artworks provoke our natural curiosity to speculate endlessly about the thoughts and emotion of humanity, before drawing us in and extending the invitation to observe. Giorgiko‘s oil paintings tell stories of innocent playfulness, UFO907 ‘s street art captures the spirit of rebellion beneath layers of cultural expressions and Yoon Hyung-Taek ’s works radiate warm fondness for the minutiae of everyday life.