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Artist duo diversifies iconic works in new Louisiana Art & Science Museum exhibit

The Louisiana Art & Science Museum, 100 S. River Road, is showing “In Empathy We Trust,” an exhibition of works by artist duo E2- Elizabeth Kleinveld and Epaul Julien, through Oct. 30.

When they met in 2010, Kleinveld and Julien recognized in one another a shared interest in social issues and racial and socioeconomic inequality. “In Empathy We Trust,” which was developed from the shared experiences of each artist, takes aim at iconic images from art history.

The photographically reimaged scenes are recast with figures of varying races, genders and experiences represented to expand and broaden the way society views historical images.

"What E2 has created with their series, 'In Empathy We Trust,' serves as a catalyst for examination; examination of history, society, and self," museum curator Lexi Adams said. "'In Empathy We Trust' expands the lens of art history beyond the picture plane and allows the viewer to pause and consider the individuals who were present when these works were originally created and the role they may have held.”

“A year in the making, we are so proud to continue to strengthen the long-standing relationship between LASM and La Capitale (LA) Chapter of The Links, Inc., by collaborating on 'In Empathy We Trust,'" added Serena Pandos, museum president and executive director. "This profound work by E2 is a cathartic release from the doldrums of the homogenous historical narrative many of us have become accustomed to."

Both the exhibition and an accompanying reception on Friday, May 27, are sponsored by La Capitale (LA) Chapter of The Links, Inc.

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