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E2 Featured in PhotoNOLA Exhibits

E2 - Kleinveld & Julien

Ode to Van Eyck's Arnolfini Marriage, 2012

archival pigment print

available in three sizes

PhotoNOLA is the New Orleans Photo Alliance's big annual event, and although its official festivities only last a few days, many of it's more than 50 photography exhibitions run through December, and some go through January. It's too much for most people to see, but an exhibit of prints by Photo Alliance members at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art provides a sampler. Most of the work is consistently interesting, but the edgy, art-history-inspired collaborative pieces by Epaul Julien and Elizabeth Kleinveld can be startling. Their emblematic Ode to Van Eyck's Arnolfini Marriage (pictured) is mostly true to the Renaissance original but with a modern multicultural twist. Also, be sure to check out the splendiferous Louviere + Vanessa retrospective while you're there. 


by D. Eric Brookhardt