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E2 - Kleinveld & Julien Featured in Where New Orleans

E2 - Kleinveld & Julien

Ode to Grant Wood's American Gothic, 2016

archival pigment print

available in three sizes

FACING THE ISSUE - E2, the photographic duo of New Orleans natives Epaul Julien and Elizabeth Kleinveld, is reframing art history one masterpiece at a time. In The Changing Face of Portraiture, on view at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery (p.40), Albrecht Dürer's "Self-Portrait at Twenty-Eight," Johannes Vermeer's "The Milkmaid," Norman Rockwell's "Triple Self-Portrait," and others are reimagined to be more reflective of modern-day racial and social diversity. The E2 team scours museums in search of suitable imagery, which can take up to six months to recreate and feature up to a dozen sitters, with the two often making cameos in works such as "Ode to Grant Wood's American Gothic."