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How to Spend 72 Hours in New Orleans, Step One: Visit JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY


ART IN DOOM : a springtime group exhibition

curated by Matthew Weldon Showman

New Orleans - "The Big Easy" as its popularly described is a city worth taking a trip to!! The music, history, food, and fun makes it a city worth being on your bucket list! When you think of New Orleans you instantly think of the French Quarter. Popularly known as the “Crown Jewel of New Orleans" , it has fantastic architecture, rich history, street artists, beautiful churches, iconic restaurants & streets, wonderful French Market, talented street performers, and tons and tons of food & drinks. French quarters are full of culture, a lot of charm & have a great vibe! New Orleans is best described as a place a place full of long-told legends, ghost tours with curbside parties, horse hooves clop, music throbs, and flickering gaslights. With a perfect backdrop for visual storytelling, this too has a celebrity attraction as many Hollywood movies and TV Show Series have been shot here. Remember “The Originals!"




Start your New Orleans sightseeing with an artsy twist by visiting the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery. Jonathan Ferrara who is an artist, activist, and entrepreneur founded the gallery in 1998 to give artists a voice. The gallery regularly exhibits art fairs in the US and Europe. Located in the heart of the Arts District of New Orleans, the gallery hosts opening receptions on the first Saturday of each month. The gallery is now open Tues-Sat from 10 am - 5 pm.