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Indelible Imprints Exhibition

SaveArtSpace x DCDG & Co. is proud to present Indelible Imprints, a public art and gallery exhibition in Los Angeles, CA. Curated by Delaney George.

In·del·i·ble /inˈdeləb(ə)l/

Indelible refers to something that cannot be removed, erased, or forgotten; it leaves a lasting and permanent mark or impression. The foundation of America bears the indelible imprint of Black labor, a powerful force that played an instrumental role in shaping the nation's prosperity. From the toil of enslaved individuals to the contributions of Black workers in various industries, to being a primary source of inspiration and creativity today. The resilience and spirit of Black people's invaluable contributions formed the foundation of the nation we have today and we honor that by celebrating the essence of relentless change and unapologetic black expression.


This exhibition serves as a celebration of you and for those who came before you. With this exhibition, we amplify your beauty, your blackness, your ancestors, your voice, the soul within you from which a nation was born. Our uniqueness and indelible power has led us from June 19th, 1865 to present day and we want to show the world!


Opening June 14, 2024, SaveArtSpace will launch public art installations for each selected work on billboard ad spaces in Los Angeles, CA. The public art will be on view for at least one month. Also opening June 14, Gallery 90220, located at 918 E 60th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90001, will mount an exhibition with the three selected artists, plus 18 additional artists from the open call. The gallery exhibition will be on view till June 30, 2024.