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Intersecting Sci-Art

AS: Tell me a bit about the artists in this show.


Elena Soterakis: In “Spontaneous Emergence of Order” we are featuring four interdisciplinary artists who approach their studio practices like scientists, their works connect us all to the natural world and our place in it: Tarah Rhoda, Tanya Chaly, Magdalena Dukiewicz, and Richelle Gribble.


Richelle Gribble explores the interdependence of life at all levels of living systems – organisms, social systems, and ecosystems. Her work reveals the striking similarities between the structural patterns that occur in our social, biological, and technological networks, blurring our world into one integrated system. Richelle poses an important question: how does connectivity, for better or for worse, influence our lives and our future?


Written by Etty Yaniv