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The Floating Gallery presents Electric Ladyland

The Floating Gallery presents Electric Ladyland curated by Amanda Benefiel.

An all-women exhibition celebrating the ferocity, beauty and kaleidoscopic power of the divine feminine, turning our way of seeing upside down and setting it ablaze. What is Electric Ladyland? The Goddess Kali. Care Bears and peep shows. A post-apocalyptic futurist Hollywood. Jump ropes and supernovas. Voodoo child and dreamy horizons. Have you ever been to Electric Ladyland? Featuring work by: Deb Adams-Welles, Kiara Alvarado, Sharon Louise Barnes, Amanda Benefiel, Caitlin Carney, Melany Dierks, Dirty Eraser, Amanda Majors, Kristin Moore, Mz Neon, Lisa Oxley, Sophie Roessler.


Opening reception Saturday June 10th from 6pm – 8pm
Electric Ladyland is on view from June 10th – June 30th