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The Odeon at South Market Has the Best Art Collection in Town, featuring Anastasia Pelias

Anastasia Pelias

Odeon Mural at South Market

New Orleans, LA

Photo by Alex Marks @alexmarksphoto

The Odeon at South Market isn't just the tallest building to be built in New Orleans in 30 years. The new residential development is home to a beautiful collection of artwork by both female and local artists displayed through the entire structure, including the outdoor mural created by New Orleanian Anastasia Pelias. 


The thirty-story building was developed by Domain Companies (projects include Ace Hotel New Orleans, Maison de La Luz, and The Paramount) and interior design manager Amy Gray worked with local design firm Farouki Farouki (projects include Justine and Saffron) to curate the building's art collection. "We were familiar with some of the artists, mostly the local artists. Others were discovered throughout the research process," Caroline Farouki said.


The carefully curated collection features diverse and talented artists, and the lobby features works by only female artists. The residential apartments and penthouses (located at 1100 Girod Street) opened in January for leasing with 271 studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom spaces and penthouses available. Future residents are sure to enjoy the amenities, neighborhood, and abundance of art at every turn. 



Was the plan to always have a mural on the outside wall? How did that come about?

The mural outside of the Odeon was painted by New Orleanian Anastasia Pelias. The Odeon's namesake is one of the main inspirations behind its artwork, named after ancient Greek and Roman buildings dedicated to musical performances. With this music motif in mind, Pelias was an ideal fit for the mural as an interdisciplinary artist who paints intuitively to music. She listened to a soundtrack curated by The Odeon's staff as she painted to create a visual manifestation of the music for all to see.


The Odeon is located at 1100 Girod Street.