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The Whole Drum Will Sound: Women in Southern Abstraction at Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, USA

The Drum Will Sound brings together artists from the last 80 years under the show’s umbrella of “Southern abstraction”, showing the scope of women’s influence on the movement since the 40’s. The works chosen for the show come from the muscle of the museum’s permanent collection, featuring Margaret Evangeline, Cynthia Brants, Halocyne Barnes, Ruth Atkinson Holmes, Betsy Stewart, Millie Wohl, ValerieJaudon, Vincencia Blount, Shawne Major, Clyde Connell, Sherri Owens, Anastasia Pelias, Jacqueline Humphries, Lin Emery, Minnie Evans, Ashley Teamer, MaPo Kinnord, Marie Hull, Dusti Bongé, Bess Dawson, and Ida Kohlmeyer. Each artist created work through the lens of various decades, reflecting the cultural shifts and discoveries of their respective times. The exhibition traces these shifts within abstraction and lets the ladies take the lead.


Written by Lee Escobedo