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WWNO: How a new photography exhibit explores the role of Latin American roofers after Hurricane Ida

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, multidimensional artist José Torres-Tama photographed laborers repairing homes. He joins us for more on his new photo exhibition, ‘Latin American Roofers Post-Ida.’


Nearly two decades ago, gallerist Jonathan Ferrera began collaborating with Cuban artists – and their joint projects haven’t stopped. Ferrera, along with artist Elio Jesus, tell us about exploring the connection between New Orleans and Cuba in the new exhibition, CUBA Revisited: 20 Years Later.


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is just around the corner, and today we hear from those who met the King personally. We revisit a 2014 episode of American Routes to hear reflections from those who knew him in life and those who remember his death.


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