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The Skylar Fein Show

April 25 – May 31, 2008

SKYLAR FEIN III The Skylar Fein Show, [Main Gallery Installation View]
SKYLAR FEIN III The Skylar Fein Show, [Main Gallery Installation View]
SKYLAR FEIN III The Skylar Fein Show, [Main Gallery Installation View]
SKYLAR FEIN Number of Languages of the Cotton Press, 2013
SKYLAR FEIN Text of the Vertov Telegram, 2010
SKYLAR FEIN The Primary Colors, 2010
SKYLAR FEIN F86 Sabre (Cosmic Trigger), 2010
SKYLAR FEIN The Péron Telegram, 2012
SKYLAR FEIN The Vertov Telegram of 1944, 2012
SKYLAR FEIN Cable to Count Gerald O'Kelly De Gallagh, 2012
SKYLAR FEIN True Grit, 2010
SKYLAR FEIN Offset, 2010
SKYLAR FEIN Turnover, 2012

PRESS RELEASE ::: SKYLAR FEIN --- 'The Skylar Fein Show'

JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY is proud to present “The Skylar Fein Show”, a solo exhibition by SKYLAR FEIN. The exhibition will be on view from April 25 through May 19, 2008, with an opening reception on Saturday, May 3, from 6 -10pm at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, 400a Julia Street, in the New Orleans Arts District.

“The Skylar Fein Show” is a socially charged exhibition of works using imagery and icons that refer to the ethics of a remembered, imagined, or possibly lost New Orleans. In this much anticipated solo exhibition by one of Louisiana’s acclaimed “rising art stars”, Fein reaches beyond New Orleans and Louisiana and addresses the United States as a whole, drawing attention to the peculiarities of our societal make-up that describe who we are today. His imagery draws from popular and subcultural icons, including presidential silhouettes, American flags, Miss America, Jean Paul Sartre, Andy Warhol, and Julian Schnabel.

Skylar Fein is one of the featured artists to in this upcoming Prospect 1: New Orleans Biennial, organized by internationally renowned curator Dan Cameron. His work is in several private and public collections including The Louisiana State Museum.


SKYLAR FEIN was born in Greenwich Village and raised in the Bronx. He has had many careers including teaching nonviolent resistance under the umbrella of the Quakers, working for a gay film festival in Seattle, stringing for The New York Times and as pre-med student at University of New Orleans where he moved one week before Hurricane Katrina hit. 


In the wreckage of New Orleans, Fein found his new calling as an artist, experimenting with color and composition of the detritus of Katrina. His work soon became known for its pop sensibility as well as its hard-nosed politics.


SKYLAR FEIN was the recipient of a 2009 Joan Mitchell Foundation Award and his work is in several prominent collections including The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Brooklyn Museum, The Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation, The Louisiana State Museum, The Birmingham Museum of Art, the New Orleans Museum of Art and collectors Beth Rudin DeWoody, Lance Armstrong, and Lawrence Benenson.