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Stand AM106

recent and important works by nine gallery artists

November 30 – December 5, 2021

ART MIAMI, Stand AM106
ART MIAMI, Stand AM106
ART MIAMI, Stand AM106
ART MIAMI, Stand AM106
ART MIAMI, Stand AM106
ART MIAMI, Stand AM106
ART MIAMI, Stand AM106
ART MIAMI, Stand AM106
STARSKY BRINES, Encontré una isla de libertad, 2019
STARSKY BRINES, Los Tres Hermanos/ The Puppet Show, 2020
STARSKY BRINES, Mar De Fondo, 2020
STARSKY BRINES, El Mundo Y Sus Vueltas, 2020
STARSKY BRINES, La Autentica Brisa de la Colina/ The Truth, 2020
STARSKY BRINES, Waking Up the Animal, 2020
STARSKY BRINES, Knockout, 2020
STARSKY BRINES, Embrace, 2020
MARGARET EVANGELINE, Blue Punk Camellia, 2021
MARGARET EVANGELINE, Coteau Camellia, 2020
MARGARET EVANGELINE, Camellia Totem 2, 2017-2018
MARGARET EVANGELINE, Coteau Camellia #2, 2021
MARGARET EVANGELINE, Greening World #6, 2021
MARGARET EVANGELINE, Fierce Camellia #1, 2020
MARGARET EVANGELINE, Another Camellia Portal #4, 2017
SKYLAR FEIN, Tokyo (Pan Am), 2021
SKYLAR FEIN, Helsinki (Pan Am), 2021
SKYLAR FEIN, Taiwan (Pan Am), 2021
SKYLAR FEIN, JFK (Pan Am), 2021
SKYLAR FEIN, Karachi (Pan Am), 2021
SKYLAR FEIN, London (Pan Am), 2021
SKYLAR FEIN, Cargo (Pan Am), 2021
SKYLAR FEIN, Damaged Goods (Pan Am), 2021
SKYLAR FEIN, Warner Records, 2016
SKYLAR FEIN, Special Offer, 2016
SKYLAR FEIN, Area, 2016
LAUREN MABRY, Glazescape (Pink No.3), 2021
LAUREN MABRY, Glazescape (Lavender No. 2), 2021
LAUREN MABRY, Glazescape (White), 2021
LAUREN MABRY, Doorway No.6, 2021
LAUREN MABRY, Doorway No.7, 2021
LAUREN MABRY, Glaze Flow Blocks (20.03), 2020
LAUREN MABRY, Glazescape (20.02), 2020
LAUREN MABRY, Cylinder (20.11), 2020
KRISTIN MOORE, Beverly Hills Golden Hour, 2021
KRISTIN MOORE, Beverly Hills Golden Hour, 2021
KRISTIN MOORE, High Hat Motel, 2021
KRISTIN MOORE, Neon Boneyard (The Flame), 2021
KRISTIN MOORE, Moulin Rouge (Neon Boneyard), 2021
KRISTIN MOORE, Blue Velvet Sunrise (LA), 2021
KRISTIN MOORE, Out West, 2020
KRISTIN MOORE, Over The Grand Canyon, 2021
RUTH OWENS, Tag-A-Long, 2019
RUTH OWENS, Be Kind to Yourself, 2019
RUTH OWENS, Tante Luise's Yard, 2020
RUTH OWENS, Half Brothers, 2018
RUTH OWENS, David and Sweet Ann, 2019
RUTH OWENS, Dirty Rice on Tinder, 2020
RUTH OWENS, See Me Slopeside, 2021
RUTH OWENS, Kristina Kay, 2021
RUTH OWENS, Water Boy, 2019
RUTH OWENS, Swingtime, study, 2018
RUTH OWENS, Tag-a-long, study, 2018
RUTH OWENS, Baby Love, study, 2018
ANASTASIA PELIAS, It was my pleasure (maquette), 2021
ANASTASIA PELIAS, She belongs to me, 2021
ANASTASIA PELIAS, You were my friend and I loved you, 2021
ANASTASIA PELIAS, Me and you could've been a work of art, 2021
ANASTASIA PELIAS, Did she love him and take her hair down at night, 2020
ANASTASIA PELIAS, Pietà II (some people wanna die so they can be free), 2020
ANASTASIA PELIAS, Pietà I (some people wanna die so they can be free), 2020
ANASTASIA PELIAS, Three Sisters and a Brother (Natalia), 2018
REWA, modern ways | somadina in black, 2021
REWA, anyi bu ofu | we are one, 2021
REWA, zelunjo | avoid sin, 2020
REWA, kambili | Let Me Live, 2020
REWA, efizzy | The Showman, 2021
REWA, somadina at 24, 2019
REWA, ify, 2020
REWA, dubem | The Lord is My Shepherd, 2021
PAUL VILLINSKI, Wave (right), 2017
PAUL VILLINSKI , LP Bird Installation, 2020
PAUL VILLINSKI, Conjure, 2016
PAUL VILLINSKI Prescience, 2017
PAUL VILLINSKI, Feather (Palladium), 2021
PAUL VILLINSKI, Alight, 2020
PAUL VILLINSKI, Fleur-de-lis, 2021


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